Logo Mark of SMART

The first logo mark

The first logo mark of SMART was designed by Dr. Emiko Yasuno of Anan College. It has been used as the official logo mark of SMART since SMART2002 (Autumn). The image color of SMART is two colors, red and black, and it has a simple design based on characters. The white curve that crosses the center of the characters is an image of a wave. It is hoped that the students who participated in SMART will grow significantly while absorbing new technologies through their activities at SMART, and will be able to ride the wave of the times and play an active role in various fields. In addition, SMART itself is thought to develop sustainably by riding the wave of the times.


The 2nd generation logo mark

The second generation logo mark of SMART was designed by Prof. Takashi Yasuno of Tokushima University. In 2020, SMART celebrated its 20th anniversary. Originally, a tournament commemorating the 20th anniversary was supposed to be held grandly and started toward a new stage, However the 20th tournament was canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, and SMART’s activities themselves cannot do it anymore. Therefore, the SMART Steering Committee will look back on the significance of the activities for 20 years and the results, and will renew the logo mark as a commemorative project for the 20th anniversary.

The new 2nd generation logo mark is designed with the following in mind.

  • Design that can be imagined as a robot competition using LEGO Mindstorms
  • Expressing the 20th anniversary with a design that connects two blocks
  • Inheriting the image colors of SMART, red and black
  • Emphasizes simplicity and friendliness
  • Design independent of the word “SMART”

We hope that the new logo mark will take root as SMART grows in the future.