2021SMART-U18 & Open Divisions Annual Tournament


Date & Time Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021  10:00~17:00 JST
Tournament style Remote live by Zoom
Tournament leafret
Registration fee Free
Acceptance period for entry From Friday, October 1, 2021 to October 29, 2021
Deadline for changing the contents of entry Until Friday, November 5, 2021 17:00
Application guideline for entry 2021-Application_v1_en (English 264 KB)  <— Oct. 1, 2021 released
2021-Application_v1_ja (Japanese 969 KB)  <— Sep. 21, 2021 released
Entry list Entry List
Game rules TORCH RELAY
2021smart-RuleVer.1.1_en (English 729 KB) <— Oct. 11, 2021 released
2021smart-RuleVer.1.1 (Japanese 834 KB) <— Oct. 11, 2021 released
Note1: The game rules is subject to update without notice. Please refer the newest game rules.
Note2: Contents of FAQ are added in the game rules.
Frequently asked questions 2021smart-FAQ_en_1001 (English 212 KB)
2021smart-FAQ_1001 (Japanese 312 KB)
Deadline for asking about game rules Until Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Tournament Chart 2021tournament-u18(195KB) <— Nov. 1, 2021 released
2021tournament-open(204KB) <— Nov. 1, 2021 released
Tournament Results 2021SMART_U18-OPEN-result(227KB) <— Nov. 15, 2021 released
2021SMART-ScoreSheet-result(203KB) <— Nov. 15, 2021 released
Executive Committee General Chair : Prof. Takashi YASUNO (Tokushima University)
Vice-general Chair : Prof. Hitoshi SORI (Tsuyama College)
General Secretary : Dr. Takahiro KITAJIMA (Tokushima University)
Finance Chair : Research Assistant Prof. Hiroshi SUZUKI (Tokushima University)
Member : Prof. Shiro URUSHIHARA (Kagawa College)
Member : Prof. Atsushi OHNISHI (Tsuyama College)
Member : Teacher Nobuhiko OGAMI (Tsurugi High School)
Member : Assoc. Prof. Yoshio KAJI (Tokushima Bunri University)
Member : Assoc. Prof. Masaru KAMANO (Anan College)
Member : Lecturer Junji KAWADA (Tokushima Bunri University)
Member : Tech. Staff Akinobu KUWAHARA (Tokushima University)
Member : Lecturer. Takanori KOZAI (Anan College)
Member : Assoc. Prof. Junji FUKUMI (Anan College)
Member : Assoc. Prof. Emiko YASUNO (Anan College)
Member : Teacher Minoru YAMAGUCHI (Anan-Hikari High School)
Secretary 2-1 Minamijosanjima, Tokushima 770-8506, Japan
Yasuno-Suzuki Lab., Tokushima University

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