SMART is run by the Steering Committee, which is the headquarters of the secretariat, and the Executive Committee, which is organized around the schools on duty at the annual tournament.

★ Steering Committee

The Steering Committee decides the venue (on-duty school) and date of the annual tournament, organizes and commissions the executive committee, obtains budget, commendations, plans events, formulates future visions, etc.

The current members of the Steering Committee (as of September 9, 2021) are as follows.

Representative: Professor Takashi Yasuno (Tokushima University)
Committee member: Senior Lecturer Anuar Bin Mohamed Kassim (Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka)
Committee member: Professor Shiro Urushihara (NIT, Kagawa College)
Committee member: Associate Professor Yoshio Kaji (Tokushima Bunri University)
Committee member: Assistant Professor Hiroshi Suzuki (Tokushima University)
Committee member: Professor. Hitoshi Sori (NIT, Tsuyama College)
Committee member: Associate Professor. Emiko Yasuno (NIT, Anan College)
Website administrator: Mr. Akinobu Kuwahara (Tokushima University)

★ Executive Committee

The executive committee is an organization that actually manages the annual convention based on the decisions of the steering committee.
The members of the executive committee are commissioned by the representative of the steering committee (representative of the SMART secretariat) and are composed of persons who have obtained approval from the institution to which the commissioned person belongs.

The composition of the executive committee is as follows.

General chair (in charge of the on-duty school)
Vice-chair (provided as needed)
Executive committee chair (in charge of the on-duty school)
Vice-executive committee chair (SMART secretariat representative also serves)
General secretary (in charge of clerical work)
Financial secretary (in charge of accounting)
Committee member (recommended by the steering committee)

* Since it is necessary to process the accounting according to the implementation of SMART and the accounting processing method of various organizations that receive the management cooperation fee, the income and expenditure will be managed under the guidance of the steering committee.